Ships and Water pull like a Red Thread through my Life.
Rolf Günter, born in Bern, growing up in Zurich.
Studies in law and sociology at the Universities of Zurich and Berne.
1968 journey to South America. Working as translator in Brazil and Paraguay. Travels to Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana. Back to Europe as sailor on a cargo ship.
1970 Reporter for the news program of Swiss TV.
1976 Video-Journalist at the scientific news program of Swiss TV. Translator of various non-fiction books. Author of several cover stories for the weekly Tages-Anzeiger Magazin. Author of the book Der Parasypathikus, a manual for self-medication.

1987 Travel to Indonesia. Construction of a cargo-sailing ship. Realisation of two relating videos, shown on Swiss TV at prime time.
1991 Video journalist for the TV news-magazine 10vor10.
2000 Foundation of MonteVideo Ltd. Realisation of documentaries worldwide. Commissioned films for big companies. E.g. for Swiss Re: Three Harbours around the World, the visualisation of the corporate philosophy of the reinsurance company.
2018 MonteVideo Ltd. moves to Tiefenwinkel at the lake Walen in 8874 Mühlehorn, GL, Switzerland
Current project: Film series Walensee Reloaded.